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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Interesting times :)

“Will you marry me?”
“Um, that’s ok.”
“But I love you.”
“Well, thanks.”
“I am serious, will you marry me?”
“No thanks.”
This conversation took place as we were leaving the market. Don’t worry I did not stop walking, which is probably good, because moments after reaching the car the thought crossed my mind, “what if I had said yes.” I mean seriously, did he really expect me to answer yes? I could image it all, “Why yes I will marry you, now what is your name?” I always find these types of interactions intriguing, because I try to picture the same event happening in the states. It seems normal here to have people shouting oyebo, and not too shocking to have a complete stranger ask you to marry him. Yet, could you imagine this happening in the states. What if people were constantly shouting white person everywhere you went? It would be a much different story. 
Anyways, it has been a good week. I cannot believe that I have already been here a month. While I still find teaching to be tasking, it is nice to begin to get into a routine. This Saturday, October 1st is Nigeria’s liberation day. So we will have next Monday off! Yeah for three day weekends! That however, means that this week I am supposed to teach on Nigeria in social studies. Seriously!!! I will be trying to explain a country I barely know to students who have lived here, either their whole life or at least a few years. Plus it doesn’t help that I still struggle to pronounce the names of tribes, states and foods here. Oh, well. My solution to the problem is to teach about how Nigeria is a democracy, (at least I know about democracies :) and then hopefully bring in a guest speaker :) Oh on another random school related note, I bet you have never attended a school where they buy their own ram and then slaughter it and cook it up to make fresh suya (basically 5 pieces of meat on a stick seasoned with some hot spices). Well, I am proud to say that every Friday ACA does this very thing!
I have also finally gotten all the bookshelves in my classroom, which means I have been able to unpack all the books I brought. Thank you to everyone who gave me children’s books to bring. The students were so excited this morning when they saw all of the books!
This is the building I teach in. My classroom is the
window on the second floor on the right.

The roof right bellow me is my classroom, it is hard to see our
house, but this gives you an idea what is right outside our wall :)

I LOVE the storm clouds here!!

This is the view out of my window. These guys are out
playing almost everyday.


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  2. So cool Gret! I've been thinking about you tons! It sounds like an incredible adventure :) You should have asked that guy what the dowry was...I mean, your dad might have gotten a decent amount of cattle or llamas or something out of that deal! Love you! We should skype sometime soon :)

  3. You are totally right, I am sure it would have been worth it for a couple llamas, what was I thinking. Sorry Dad, I guess you will just have to buy some llamas with your own money this time. Yes, we should Skype soon though!