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Monday, September 12, 2011

First Days in Ibadan!

        So how do you pronounce these names?? Ayomida, Atofarati, Toniloba, Oyonfunbi??? Wait, Laurren is a boy? Yes, this is pretty much how my first week of teaching began. Last Monday we had our new student orientation, then began classes on Tuesday. My students have slowly been trickling into class as they are returning from their different countries. Most of them return to their original countries over the summer holidays. Also, tonight was “Back to School Night,” so I got to meet more of my students parents, which was nice. 
As far as everyday life here, the driving is rather intimidating, though what scares me more is that I am beginning to become immune to it. Instead of thinking we are always going to crash or scrape our car against another object, I have begun to think it is impossible to hit anyone.  There have been so many close calls and so many tight squeezes. I don’t know how many times I have thought, “there is no way our car is that small.” Yet, somehow we always fit. Plus, I have yet to see a car accident here and the only rule of the road is, do whatever you want as long as you don’t run into anyone. That includes: driving on the wrong side of the road and turning a two lane highway into a five lane highway. So yes, I will hopefully be getting my drivers license, and driving around under the assumption that it is in fact, impossible to crash in Nigeria ;)
“Oyebo, Oyebo!” These are the shouts of people as we drive or walk past. I feel as though it is already very obvious that I am VERY white. Yet, they still feel the need to inform me and those around them that I am in fact much lighter than them. I do really enjoy the times that we go out to the market. Though I am not very good at bargaining, yet. Hopefully that will come with time! I have found so far that this culture is very welcoming and it makes it much easier to fit in and try new things.
Well, my life seems to be consumed right now with lesson planning and classroom stuff! I do really appreciate those of you who have been praying for me though. I really have found that God is my strength through this time of adjusting and learning how to teach. There have been points that have been overwhelming, but I am continually reminded that I serve a God who is bigger, and in control of my situation. With that comes comfort and trust that He knows best and will not let me be overwhelmed beyond what I can manage.

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  1. Thanks for updating Gret! It's so good to hear a little about your life there :) I'm so excited for you! Love you!