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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So basically, I have been a little to lazy about posting, but I have realized that it has been a month since the last time that I posted. So a quick update:

1. Last week we had our midterm break so we went to a beach close to Lagos. We had Friday and Monday off, so it was a nice four day weekend.

2. Then we came back and worked for 4 days and now we have Monday and Tuesday off because of a Muslim holiday, which I only found out about a week ago, because they wait to determine these holidays based off of the Moon.

3. I have found a church, that I have been going to for almost two months now. I enjoy it, though I will say that the preaching is a little hard for me to understand all the time. Then again, it is much easier to understand the preaching here compared to some of the churches I visited. The people are extremely warm and friendly. Also funny enough couples/families come to church all matching. It is partially because people often buy fabric and then have it made for them. Since the smallest amount you can buy is 6 yards they usually get matching outfits. So Sunday is the day that they all come to church matching. 

4. Lee Anne, Katie and I visited an orphanage for the first time yesterday. I was very impressed with how well behaved the kids were and how CLEAN the orphanage was. There about 22 kids. We are hoping to start getting involved there, and our first event is popcorn and a movie on a projector at our school this Friday. So we are excited about that and hopefully we will be able to become more involved.

5. I now have my Nigerian drivers license and have gone out a couple times. 

Class presentations.
6. Katie and I received a proposal the other week, but this time it included an offer of land. We turned it down without a second thought. But then later that day when someone offered to buy me some chocolate I found that much harder to turn down. Obviously, you can see what I value more :)  
Jewel, Lily, Monica and Marayo enjoying some apple pie!

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